Annual Report 2023

Message from the Team

This photo of Irfan from the district of Bantaeng in South Sulawesi says a lot about our year
2023. We know Irfan through our Misereor-supported project in which our team searches for
young people affected by leprosy who are hiding in their homes. Irfan had been bedridden in a dark, unventilated room for two years and had given up hope. With the team’s motivation, he got up, learnt to walk again and help his family around the house. When Dr Wim Theuvenet and Dr Ton Schreuders, with the support of The Leprosy Mission Netherlands, conducted reconstructive surgery training in September, we convinced him to come to Makassar to be examined by Dr Wim: We had little hope that his hands could be operated on, they were in such a bad state. But for Dr Wim, there is nothing that cannot be improved! So, he stayed for the operation with ten other young people affected by leprosy, and it not only completely changed his right hand, but also his outlook on life! In December, Irfan came back to Makassar to take part in our VOICE training with leprosy-affected young people from all over South Sulawesi, and this time he stood in front of the audience and shared his experiences!
Irfan is one example of many. That is what we want to achieve: To help young affected people reintegrate into society, help them accept that they had leprosy, provide them with physical rehabilitation as far as possible and give them emotional strength and stability so that they can lead a happy life. In 2023, thanks to our donors and our fantastic team, we were quite successful in this!

2023 was also a year of many opportunities and support from our partners: We were entrusted to help Dr Marlous Grijsen in her research project by interviewing people affected by leprosy and community members; we were supported by the German Embassy in Jakarta to renovate the old ward (the “Safe House”) and policlinic in Jongaya settlement Makassar; SOMOI Makassar started to take over financial support for the care of Saldi, who is recovering in the Jongaya ward, we had a very kind donation from a Family in the Netherlands to finalise renovating the Safe House; and last not least we started a new project in collaboration with Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) in the district Pangkep, Maros and -first time outside Sulawesi – in Ambon. We are very grateful to the donors and supporters that shared our goals, placed their trust in us, made our work possible. We also like to say thank you to the district and provincial governments who
welcome, value, support and complement our work! There is still a lot to do, many challenges to overcome. We hope for a good cooperation also in the next year!
Thank you! Team YDTI – PerMaTa South Sulawesi

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