2022 Annual Report

Message from the Team

2022 has been a good year for us, in which we have had many opportunities to work and fight for our goals. We are very grateful to the donor organizations that share these goals, placed their trust in us, made our work possible. We can assure them that we have worked with full dedication and care.

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This YDTI report in cooperation with PerMaTa South Sulawesi describes our activities, what we have been able to achieve, and what not. We are very proud of our team of young people who have proven their full capabilities as field workers, researchers, administrators and above all as agents of change for a society without stigma. Special mention goes to the field team Gowa Bantaeng, who did great community work in Bantaeng and courageously overcame their initial timidity.
This year we had many interfaces with the field of rehabilitation – for the simple reason that we see every day how much access to rehabilitation and prevention of disability in the field of leprosy is lacking in Indonesia nowadays. This situation has accompanied us throughout the year and we hope we were successful in drawing stakeholders’ attention to it. In addition to advocating for this situation to be remedied, we are particularly pleased that, thanks to a dedicated inter/national team, we have been able to reactivate reconstructive surgery in South Sulawesi.
The year ended with concern for young Saldi, in terrible condition after severe reactions, whom we finally moved to the ward of the leprosy settlement Jongaya with the consent of his mother. There he now experiences all-round care and plenty of peer-motivation, so that we were able to report his slow improvement as a good end to the year.
On that note, we would also like to say thank you to the district and provincial governments who welcome, value, support and complement our work! There is still a lot to do, many challenges to overcome. We hope for a good cooperation also in the next year.

Thank you

Team YDTI –PerMaTa South Sulawesi


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