Local Fundraising Training in Bali

April 2024. In order to reduce the dependency of local NGOs on international donors and to broaden the range of donors, Misereor Germany  organised a local fundraising training. Small NGOs from eastern Indonesia took part, and PerMaTa-YDTI was represented by Muh Arfah and Kerstin. The training took place in Bali, facilitated by the well-known NGO Satunama from Yogya. Inge Lempp and Mbak Pupu, as well as Benazir from the Misereor Office in Germany were also there! In 5 days we learnt the basics of local fundraising and will now be accompanied by Satunama for the next few months to support our practical experiments. Arfah immediately formed a local fundraising team and is now working on his first project! It was a great honour and pleasure to get to know the many NGOs from Eastern Indonesia, we were able to learn a lot from them and made wonderful new contacts! Thank you very much!


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