Ambon workshop with young people affected by leprosy

Ambon, early February.  

As part of our SHF project, we organised the first training workshop with PerMaTa Ambon and young people affected by leprosy from Ambon. Al Kadri, Arfah and Rahma traveled to Maluku and helped run the workshop, which was organised by PerMaTa Ambon. 14 young people attended and during the three-day meeting, they already gained enough confidence to speak in front of their peers about their experiences and aspirations. On the third day, a new leadership for PerMaTa Ambon was elected. Energised, they will continue to build their capacity and reach out to young people affected with the support of PerMaTa South Sulawesi and YDTI.

Thank you to the dedicated leprosy control program of Maluku and Ambon City!

Many thanks to SHF for the support!

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