TVRI shoots inspirational film about PerMaTa South Sulawesi

TVRI film

One of the activities as PerMaTa / YDTI is to increase media involvement to raise awareness about leprosy.

TVRI, the national televison channel offered to shoot a documentary about Ibu Yuli as the head of PerMaTa South Sulawesi as part of their series of ‘inspirational films’.

After the script was worked out in several meetings, filming for the film took place for three days.

First, pictures were taken of the group of formerly illiterate women who learned to read and write with the help of PerMaTa Gowa, of PerMaTa’s dissemination of information to local communities and of the waste bank cooperative of young people affected by leprosy in Gowa.

On the second day, the TVRI team and PerMaTa went to Malino to take pictures and conduct interviews in the pine forest.
On the last day,  shooting focused on the daily life of Ibu Yuli at home with her family, and continued at the PerMaTa Sulsel/YDTI office in the in Makassar. There, Kerstin Beise and Agustina Saleh from the YDTI were waiting to be interviewed. As their last agenda, TVRI visited the Jongaya complex to cover the lives of people affected by leprosy in this former leprosy settlement.

Shootings went all smoothly and it was a lot of fun. The Inspirational Film was aired by TVRI on September 25 2021. Watch the YOUTUBE video here!

TVRI film
TVRI film

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