Reconstructive Surgery – 7 weeks later

October 2023

In September, we conducted reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy training in Makassar for the second time. 14 young people affected by leprosy  underwent surgery on their hands, feet and eyes. Most of them had tendon transfers and had to wear a plaster cast for 4 weeks. After that, they now returned to the hospital for 2 weeks of physiotherapy! This time is also over now and the young people are going home to do exercises independently and with the help of our field assistants from PerMaTa. The field assistants are young affected people themselves, trained by Ton Schreuders. The results so far are fantastic and people are very happy! Big smiles everywhere!

We will update results again mid December, when after 3 months the tendons will be stable! 

Thank you Leprosy Mission Netherlands!

Thank you Dr Wim Theuvenet and Dr Ton Schreuders!

Thank you everyone at Tadjuddin Chaled hospital, especially Dr Iswahyudi, Dr Matilda, Dr Nani and Hj Malina! 

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