TLM NL: Training in reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy, part 2

TLM NL. Makassar 2023. Last year we were able to organise the first part of a training in reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy for persons affected by leprosy at the Tadjuddin Chaled Hospital in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Dr Wim Theuvenet and Dr Ton Schreuders came as course instructors, and the Leprosy Mission Netherlands, together with NLR Indonesia, financially supported the training.

This year we are conducting part 2 of the training in September, which aims to further develop the skills of surgeons and physiotherapists, enabling people with leprosy to undergo surgery to restore the function of their hands, eyes and feet.

10 persons affected by leprosy, 9 of them young people, have been registered and have already learned to prepare their fingers or feet through training, wound care and wearing splints. The young members of YDTI-PerMaTa regularly visit the candidates to prepare them for this.

We are very happy to have Dr. Wim Theuvenet and Dr. Ton Schreuders with us again, and extremely grateful for the financial support of the Leprosy Mission Netherlands!

We are also very grateful to Tadjuddin Chaled Hospital for again agreeing to host this very important training. Dr Iswahyudi is now one of the very few surgeons in Indonesia able and willing to operate on persons affected by leprosy, helping them to lead productive, fully participatory lives again!



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