SHF: Pilot Project Covid support for people affected by leprosy

SHF pilot Covid

This three-month pilot project was also an emergency response to help people affected by leprosy during the Covid-19 pandemic. By involving local PerMaTa branches, we sought to address the key needs of leprosy-affected people in 5 districts of South Sulawesi, with the main objective to advocate at district government level for equal services and support for leprosy-affected people (nutrition support , health services, identity cards, other forms of support) and to keep the government informed of their situation.

We also hoped to empower people affected by leprosy to act responsibly and protect themselves by providing accurate and accessible information in print and on social media. We distributed basic food packages for emergencies.

The young members of PerMaTa in 5 districts visited people affected by leprosy in sometimes very remote and difficult terrain. They then went on to the local government and often had to repeat this several times to meet the people they wanted.
Many people could be helped in this way, and based on our experiences, a 1-year project was later financed by SHF.

SHF pilot Covid
SHF pilot Covid

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