German Embassy Jakarta – Rumah Aman: Renovation of the Jongaya dormitory and policlinic

July 2023. Rumah Aman in Jongaya Leprosy Village in Makassar, South Sulawesi.
Since December 2022, we have been trying to find funding for the “Rumah Aman”,  Safe House, submitting proposals to government and private institutions in Makassar. Our plan was to renovate the dormitory and the  polyclinic buildings in the Jongaya leprosy settlement in Makassar, South Sulawesi, to create a shelter (Rumah Aman) where people affected by leprosy can be temporarily housed and receive comprehensive community-based support for their physical and mental recovery.

The target group are persons affected by leprosy living temporarily in Makassar, e.g. when they use health services at the former leprosy hospital, now RS Tadjuddin Chalid, or when they need to get away from stigmatisation and discriminatory treatment in their communities.

The aim of the Rumah Aman is to support persons affected by leprosy to strengthen their health and build their self-esteem, enabling them to return to their homes and to participate fully in their social environment.

In February, we applied for the Small Grant Programme of the German Embassy in Jakarta, and received final approval in June! The renovations started on 15 July and will be completed by the beginning of December at the latest. The current residents of the dormitory have been temporarily accommodated in the policlinic, which will be renovated in the second phase. We have the full support of the city and province, from which we hope to receive funds for the maintanance later. Thank you very much, German Embassy in Jakarta!



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