SHF: Pilot Project to collect evidence on Human Rights violation


Through our work in previous projects we have found many people who are affected by leprosy and whose rights to health, work, social life and well-being are being violated. Because leprosy is now considered largely eliminated by the government, it is no longer seen as a problem that needs much attention. Leprosy organizations that try to report violations are often rebuffed on the grounds that regulations have changed or that the person is at fault.

The aim of this project is to test how people affected by leprosy can collect reliable and valid evidence of human rights violations and to develop a guide for organizations of people affected by leprosy.

This pilot project is run from start to finish by people affected by leprosy (PerMaTa members) with support and guidance from YDTI. We focus on a small number of cases, which we investigate thoroughly. PerMaTa members are trained to collect data on complex situations, both about the individuals involved and those around them (family, community and government). Together with the leprosy and legal experts that we both have at YDTI, we study relevant laws and apply them to the specific cases. We then analyze the data together, which may include identifying gaps that require further investigation beyond the scope of this project, e.g. B. at national level. Together we will write well-documented case studies and formulate legal statements as well as advise on possible next steps that will not be part of this project.

Based on the experiences and insights we gain through this pilot project, we will formulate guidelines that can be used in other regions and by other organizations of people affected by leprosy to provide evidence in cases collect from human rights violations.

This 3-month project is carried out in Jeneponto District, South Sulawesi together with PerMaTa Gowa and PerMaTa Jeneponto and supported by the Jeneponto Health Department.

Read our Guidelines here: Experiences and Lessons learned: How People affected by Leprosy can investigate Human Rights Violations.


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Persons affected by leprosy in Indonesia often do not have adequate medical and rehabilitative care. This worrying development needs attention and concrete action. YDTI and

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