Access to health care and rehabilitation

Persons affected by leprosy in Indonesia often do not have adequate medical and rehabilitative care. This worrying development needs attention and concrete action. YDTI and PerMaTa South Sulawesi are advocating to improve health care and rehabilitation services. We inform, train, question and collect evidence to increase understanding about the needs of persons affected by leprosy particularly after their leprosy treatment.

Surgery Training

Since there is hardly any capacity left in reconstructive surgery in the field of leprosy, in 2021 we organized 3 online training websinars together with Dr Wim Theuvenet and Dr Ton Schreuders, hosted by Tadjuddin Chaled hospital in Makassar and by the Dutch organization PUM. Dr Wim Theuvenet is a hand surgery specialist and a leprosy specialist. Dr Scheuder is a physiotherapist specializing in leprosy. Around 150 participants attended the seminars. We hope to continue on site as soon as the pandemic allows

rehab project
rehab project

Workshop on health insurance

In 2021 we also organized a workshop on health insurance and referral system for people affected by leprosy. Participants were the provincial and district health insurance funds, the former leprosy hospital Tadjuddin Chaled (Daya), the district hospital in Jeneponto, many district leaders of the state leprosy control program as well as its provincial leader. Of course, PerMaTa South Sulawesi was present with many district representatives. We discussed sometimes emotionally and controversially about the great difficulties for people affected by leprosy to access health care because the new health insurance system does not take their special needs into account and does not see a need for this. Read our Policy Brief here.

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