SHF: Young people affected by leprosy in Sulawesi and Ambon: Peer support to overcome self-stigma

SHF. Makassar 2023. YDTI and PerMaTa started a new project supported by Sasakawa Health Foundation this September. We will further expand our activities that mainly involve young people affected by leprosy to 3 new districts: Pangkep and Maros in South Sulawesi, and Ambon City in Maluku. 

The goal of the project is to enable young people affected by leprosy to return to society, lead fulfilling lives without having to hide their former illness, and give them the opportunity to develop further into role models (agents of change) who actively advocate for the rights and needs of people with leprosy and in turn support other persons affected by leprosy.

This also has an even wider impact as confident young persons affected by leprosy will have a positive long-term influence on reducing stigma and discrimination in their own communities and on other people affected by leprosy to overcome their own self-stigma. This will contribute to earlier detection and compliance to treatment.

Thank you to SHF for their continues support!

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