End of Year: Meeting of young people affected by leprosy from all over the Province

December 2023.

Thanks to VOICE, we were able to organise a final meeting with the young people affected by leprosy, whom we have been able to involve in our activities during the four years in which we have been supported by VOICE. We also invited the young people from our Misereor and SHF projects, as well as everyone else! Not everyone was able to come, of course, as many of them now have jobs or families. But with representatives from almost all districts of South Sulawesi, PerMaTa South Sulawesi was able to take the opportunity to elect a new leader, which was due. Rahmawati from Gowa district was elected, what a great choice!!! It was an honour for YDTI to attend the election day and a great pleasure to participate in the 2.5 days of training and sharing with these young people who are so courageous and strong and who gain more strength every day by supporting each other!

In addition, we held this meeting in the newly renovated polyclinic of the Jongaya Leprosy Settlement in Makassar, which we were able to renovate with the help of the German Embassy in Jakarta. This was our first use of the facilities!

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