SHF Support Projekt Maros and Pangkep

January 2024

SHF is helping us to reach out to young people with leprosy in Pangkep and Maros in South Sulawesi and in Ambon, Maluku. This week we held two capacity building events, first in Pangkep on 16 January and then in Maros on 21 January. At both events, we were able to convince 10 young men and women to join us! These were people who had never spoken to anyone about being affected. They were brave enough now to come, listen to our young teams who shared their experiences of leprosy and how PerMaTa has helped them overcome their fear and isolation, and then tell us their own stories! Bravo!

Many thanks also to the leprosy health workers in Pangkep and Maros for helping us to connect with these young people, and for attending the first part of the meeting and then giving the leprosy-affected participants space in the afternoon to be amongst themselves in a safe space with their peers from PerMaTa.

We hope to continue this meeting in a joint workshop on 4 and 5 February!

Thank you Sasakawa Health Foundation!


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